01 November, 2016

BLOG: Three years...

        It's been over three years since I've posted anything on here. 2016 has been a rather rough year for me and I feel like getting back into writing again might help me get through this dark patch in my life. So here la to posting again and hopefully getting back to normal in all areas of my life.

24 June, 2013

BLOG: Well, it has been a little while.

I haven’t exactly been Mr. Active on here recently and it has really started to bother me since I couldn’t find the motivation to spend 20 minutes type something up. I’ve let a few things in my life get in the way of things that bring me joy. I also had to delete a social network account because of how much of my life I was wasting on there. One of the good things that I have stayed constant with is going to the gym and maintaining my healthy life style. One of the bad things is that I haven’t done much anime watching or manga reading in the past months so trying to write reviews even if I was in the mood to would’ve been rather hard. Some good, some bad but I seem to be coming out of the storm and heading in the right direction. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things on here and hopefully looking at some other new things as well. 

22 January, 2013


Ohayocon 2013

Location: Hyatt Regency Columbus & the Greater ColumbusConvection Center. Columbus, Ohio USA

Ohayocon 2013 has come and gone and it was the best one yet!I’ve been going to Ohayocon regularly now since 2010 and I’ve seen how much ithas grown and turned into a top notch convention. Each year the attendance growsand as well as the level of awesomeness. This year I made extra effort to checkout everything there was going on and didn’t leave the convention until wellinto the next day and was back bright and early running around with my backpackand camera. I was able to attend the roast of Tiffany Grant (Voice of Asukafrom the Evangelion franchise) and I cannot begin to describe how funny and entertainingthis event was! If you have the chance you should see this one of a kind event.