18 November, 2010

BLOG: Bad Ninja! No Cookie For Your Till The Filler Stops...

Dear Naruto Shippuden writers;
                I wish you would stop making crappy filler episodes sometime in the near future. I was cool with a few weeks of them to let the story from the manga progress a little further but now it has gotten to the point that I want to rip your souls from your bodies and eat them with some fava beans and nice Chianti! The ninja ostrich episode was damn near my tipping point! But you slightly redeemed yourself with the latest Leaf’s hidden history episode about the mission to Mt. Jofuku to retrieve the Jofuku flower to help Rock Lee with his recovery but only slightly I say only slightly! I have a very bad feeling that this is going to end up like the first Naruto series and have what seemed like ten years of filler episodes. The manga is all geared up for the third great ninja war which should see some fantastic story lines and the anime is just sitting in filler hell stagnating almost to the point of decay. Please god make them stop soon, I beg of you make the filler stop!
Otaku Stew

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