19 November, 2010

REVIEW: The World God Only Knows.

The World God Only Knows 

Written By: Hideyuki Kurata

Directed By: Shigehito Takayanagi

Studio: Manglobe

Genre: Harem, Romance


Keima Katsuragi is a second year high school student in class 2-B of Majima Academy and an avid bishōjo video game player. He is known around the internet as the “Capturing God” for is ability to capture the heart of any video game girl he sets his sights on. But in his everyday school life he is thought of as intelligent person yet looked down on as a weirdo with glasses who likes dating simulation video games a little too much. This all leads up to where he receives a anonymous email offering him the chance to “capture” girls, thinking that this is a challenge to a video game he accepts the offer. But this turns out to be a contract with a bubbly demon named Elsie who needs his help to capture loose souls trapped inside of real girl and return the souls back to hell. With Keima only being interested in 2D girls he refuses the offer but Elsie proceeds to tell him if he does not complete the contract his head will be removed along with hers for the failure to bring back the loose souls. Elsie suggests that in order to capture the loose souls Keima must get the girls who are possessed to fail in love with him to fill the hole in their hearts that the loose souls now occupy…


The World God Only Knows is a very entertaining story of a guy who likes his video game women too much for his own good. So much that he has pretty much tuned out the world around him and alienated himself from the rest of his class. At first I thought this was going to be some lame harem story that we all have seen hundreds of times now but I have been very surprised at how original the story is. Yes there is the typical things that we have came to expect from anime about guys who are otaku or just kind of geeky but not the over bearing stuff that detracts from the story its self. With Keima is not your plan “why do girls like this guy” character with no back bone that generally makes up a show like this. He is very calculated about how he interacts with the women of the series, treating this more as a video game than real life. I have only seen the first seven episodes as they are being simulcast on crunchyroll only a few hours after they have been broadcast in Japan but so far I am hooked on it! The animation is very nice to look at on top of that all the girls are very cute, with Elsie being the cutest of them all so far.

The story is developing nicely with a good plot and some strong characters to round it out. The women are kind of cookie cutter to a point but not the same thing over and over which is nice. Keima’s mother is a pretty funny person with a sketchy back ground in a motor cycle gang so when she gets mad she smashes things up and flies off the deep end pretty quickly which is very entertaining. I really like this anime so far and I hope they keep progressing the story the way its heading, and from what I have read online I’m not the only one who likes the show. It has already been confirmed for a second season in Japan before the first season has even ended. Now there are a few things that have bugged me about this show. First of all the pink scarf thing that is floating around Elsie the whole show makes me bat shit crazy for some reason that I have not figure out yet. The second being a song that an idol Keima is trying to capture the heart of keeps getting played all over the place. The song its self is not bad but when you hear it three times in one episode it kind of makes me go ugh. These thing do not take away from the show they just bug me but what the hell do I know I’m crazy. On to the rating! Otakustew.net gives The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai) a…

Four out of Five Stars...

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