14 November, 2010

CONVENTION REPORT: Horror Hound Weekend

HorrorHound Weekend 2010

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Venue: Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North


Yesterday was an adventure of epic proportions... Me and good ole Buckeye Boogeyman with his brother in tow went to a Horror Movie convention in picturesque Sharonville, Ohio. This is the forth convention I have been to this year but my very first horror genre one. The Convention is called Horror Hound Weekend and is put on by the folks who write the Horror Hound Magazine publication. I will not be doing a in depth review of the convention for that head on over to Buckeye Boogeyman's website where he can give you the information that only a true horror otaku can provide!

I had a fantastic time Saturday at the convention! I did not drop a bunch of money like I do at the anime conventions but to just give you an idea of the difference. Horror Hound Weekend money spent $27 (twenty of that was admission) Anime Punch money spent some where over $200. The seven dollars you ask? It was spent on a "Happiness Is Hunting Zombies" License plate bracket... Yeah I'm that guy!

There is nothing like going to a convention with friends and being around a bunch of like minded individuals who enjoy the same things as you. If you have never been to a convention get up off your butt and get to one soon! Take a friend, plenty of money, stop at the ATM "BEFORE" you go to the event and wear comfortable shoes because you will put some miles on them if your any thing like us!

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