21 November, 2010

BLOG: Lonely... So Lonely...

Sometimes it is hard being an anime fan in a small rural town. I am the only one of my friends who is into anime and manga. So this makes it a challenge to talk about something I love because honestly none of them really care about my passion. Sure we have other interest in common like video games, music and guns but that doesn’t make up for the complete lack of anime/manga conversations that I wish I could have with my friends.

Yeah some of them have seen a few series but nothing close to the scale that I have. None of them get my random Naruto or Evangelion references which make me somewhat sad that they are missing out on such great things. Back when I was in high school we never had an anime club at the library like there is now in town. And the whole anime club at the library kind of sucks because it’s only for teenagers! I got the “what kind of creepy old man, sick pedophile are you” stare from the lady at the counter when I asked with great enthusiasm about the club. Never mind the fact that I have a monster collection of DVD’s and manga that would be great to share with the younger generation of otaku but simply because I’m over the age of eighteen I’m persecuted for my love of Japanese pop culture.

I’m sure you folks in large cities/towns enjoy getting together with your friends sitting around the television with pocky in hand to watch anime all night long. Yet I’m stuck by myself to wallow in my dean of shame to watch my shows all alone with no friends to have a laugh with or shed a tear with because they just don’t like anime. I know this sounds like a pity party or a woe is me rant but it’s more of a general frustration comment over a lack of common interest in something I love and want to share with my friends. So next time your hanging out with your buddies and talking about anime/manga or trading your DVD’s between each other remember that there are lonely otaku around the world who wish they had someone to do that with and that not all of us are hikikomori. 

I love living out in the country but that comes with the price of goofy rednecks that hate on anything that’s not American yet drive their Toyota trucks around with big mud tires on them waving rebel flags being idiots. I just hope that one day I will find my anime/manga soul mate to have over to the house to enjoy a twelve hour marathon of Full Metal Panic and it would be extra nice if it was a female with cat ears… a man can dream can he not?

But I digress. Keep checking back in to my blog, I have some more review coming up this week of some new shows currently being aired in Japan along with random thoughts on stuff. Also I hope that you guys are enjoying my ramblings and reviews as they come out and if you have any thoughts or ideas for upcoming reviews shoot me an email or comment. Your input would be much appreciated, so until next time we meet, sayonara!!!

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Manar said...

i know that feelings i am also like that when people finds out that u watch anime they consider u still watching cartoon as if u r a child and they of course laugh at you and they refuse to even watch one episode just to prove for them that it is not for children, although that i am not watching it alot like that or what i watched wasnt too much but i liked it all i am abig fan of that type of art i think :)