03 December, 2010

REVIEW: Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Directed by: Mamoru Kanbe

Studio: ARMS

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Romance

Rating: 17+


Some humans have begun to have genetic mutations evolving them into a new bred of humans called Diclonius. Enter Lucy. Lucy is a Diclonius female that has a history of violent killings and is currently being held under surveillance at facility built to test and exterminate Diclonius humans. While in the process of doing his duties a guard gets within the containment field of Lucy and for his mistake is murdered almost instantly by her. Along with his error of judgment in getting to close to her the guard also drops the keys to her cell that prompts her escape. On the way out of the facility she goes on a killing spree punishing her capturers on her way to freedom. Once outside the facility she is shot and falls from a cliff into the ocean to later wash up on shore having lost her memories. She is found by a young couple who take her in and give her medical attention but little do they know that the young women who remembers nothing is a cold blooded killing machine. And so the story begins….


Elfen Lied is a brutally violent, bloody and sad anime and I loved every minute of it! The only problem I have with this anime is that it’s only thirteen episodes long and leaves out about half the manga story line. The animation is great and shows great detail in the kill scenes. The sound track is moving and flows brilliantly with the action scenes as well as the regular story. Both the Japanese and English cast give great performances in this anime which is surprising with the English cast because as most of us know the dubbed versions usually are terrible. The story is very strong and gripping sometimes moving the audience to the point of tears. This anime is not light hearted it all; it tackles some very profound subjects and shows the darkness in the heart of humanity. If you’re looking for a change of pace from comedic anime or the over top shonen action anime then this is for you. If you’re faint of heart or do not like dark dramatic shows almost to the point of horror anime then you should steer clear of this one. I was very moved by this show and it is one of my all time favorites, it is on par with some of the great Hollywood movies in the story department. I highly recommend this anime and with that Otakustew.net gives Elfen Lied a…

Elfen Lied gets a 5 out of 5 stars 

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