31 December, 2010

BLOG: It's been awhile...

Hello fellow Otaku!

                I know it’s been awhile since I have done an update to the old blog but sometimes life gets in the way of one’s past time. I have been way to lazy and depressed to do much writing since early in December, I think lazy and depressed are sometimes prerequisites to be an otaku… But in my laziness I have been watching a ton of anime and reading a few manga as well to bring some spoiler free reviews! And I’m here to tell you on the last day of 2010 that in 2011 there will be more content and a few contest as well! Look back tomorrow for the crazed otaku’s first ever contest! A little hint: get your pencils out! Up for grabs is a free pass to Crunchyroll.com for 48 hours. I know not the greatest prize in the world but unless I hit the mega millions tonight it’s the best I can do right now. So be on the lookout people future millionaire in the making or at least a man can dream! Later Otaku!

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