30 January, 2011

COSPLAY: Ohayocon 2011 Friday

All right people here is my first batch of pictures from Ohayocon day one, Friday January 28th, 2011 from the Columbus Hyatt and Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio! I would like to thank everyone who took time to let me snap a picture at Ohayocon, thank you and enjoy!!!

day one 1

day one 2

day one 3

day one 4

day one 5

day one 6

day one 7

day one 8

day one 9

day one 10

day one 11

day one 12

day one 13

day one 14

day one 15

day one 16

day one 17

day one 18

day one 19

day one 20

day one 21

day one 22

day one 23

day one 24

day one 25

day one 26

I will be uploading pictures of day two from Ohayocon 2011 tomorrow! Also if your in one of these pictures and want me to send you a copy email me at otakustew@otakustew.net and I will send it to you. The file will be unedited and with no water mark. Again thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to let me take a picture!

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