31 January, 2011

COSPLAY: Ohayocon 2011 Saturday

Ok people here is my pictures from Saturday at Ohayocon 2011 in Columbus, Ohio! I had a blast taking pictures and walking around with my fellow otaku! Thank you to everyone who let me take a picture of them, everyone was so great taking the time to pose for a quick picture! Ok that's enough rambling on from me. Here is the pictures from Saturday at Ohayocon 2011, enjoy!

day two 1

day two 2

day two 3

day two 4

day two 6

day two 7

day two 8

day two 9

day two 10

day two 11

day two 12

day two 13

day two 14

day two 15

day two 16

day two 17

day two 18

day two 19

day two 20

day two 21

day two 22

day two 23

day two 24

day two 25

day two 26

day two 29

Again thank you to everyone who took time out of there fun at Ohayocon to allow me to take a picture of them! If you are in one of these pictures and would like a copy with out my blog address email me at crazedotakustew@yahoo.com and I will send you the original file unedited. I had a great weekend and can not wait till next years convention! See you all there and look for a half drunk idiot with a camera and anime tattoos at the up coming Anime Punch convention that will be me!

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that spy and soldier have me lulin'