02 January, 2011

REVIEW: Soul Eater.

Soul Eater

Directed by: Takuya Igarashi

Studio: Bones

Genre: Fighting, Sci-fi, Action

Episodes: 51

Rating: 13+


Soul Eater revolves around a group of youngsters that attend a school know as the Death Weapon Meister Academy or the DWMA for short. Weapon Meister Maka Albarn is a smart and very diligent girl who sometimes struggles with self confidence. Her weapon partner Soul Eater a laid back young man who transforms in to a scythe in his weapon form. These two are the main characters of the story. Along with Meister Black Star, a hyper, very confident and slightly annoying young boy and his weapon partner Tsubaki a very quiet and sweet girl who has the ability to transform into several different weapons. Also with Death the Kid, a Meister and Shinigami who is the son of Lord Death. Death the Kid has some serious OCD problems with summitry but other than that he is a very cool and collected young man who is weapon partner’s Liz and Patty Thompson. Liz the older sister is kind of a cynic and is scared of creepy things very easy. Patty the younger sister is pretty much a air head but always cheerful but goes slightly psychotic some times to snap kid out of his OCD moments. The Thompson sisters transform into twin pistols in their weapon form which is why Death the Kid use’s them because of their symmetry. The weapon Meister’s are trying to turn their weapons into Death Scythes, a powerful weapon used by Lord Death. They need to collect ninety nine kishin eggs (the souls of evil humans) and one witch’s soul in order to become a death scythe. So far Maka and Soul Eater have collected ninety eight kishin eggs and from here their story begins.


I highly enjoyed Soul Eater! I love the art style which is slightly different than most anime but very pleasing to the eyes. The sound track and sound effects are solid with a nice blend of hip hop, rock and jazz that really ties the series together nicely. The overall story of the anime stays true to the manga for a long time then around episode thirty five it throws us a curve ball. Evening knowing this it does not detract from the anime at all. But with me being a purest for the original writer’s story line it does kind of bother me. This is a personal pet peeve of mine with all forms of media not just anime. Like I said I enjoyed this anime a lot and will recommend this to other anime fans but if you are a diehard fan of the manga you may be upset about the deviation from the source material. Soul Eater can currently be seen in its entirety streaming on Netflix and is available from FUNimation on their website on DVD. The Soul Eater manga is also available from Yen Press. Soul Eater is a solid anime and very entertaining and this crazed otaku gives it…

Soul Eater gets 4 out of 5 Stars

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