02 March, 2011

BLOG: AMV Hellish?! My favorite AMV's! Sort of a List!

A song needs to move you either on the dance floor or in an emotional way. Good songs sometimes become great songs with a video that conveys the meaning of the song. Enter the AMV. AMV stands for Anime Music Video and is a pretty big sub genre of the otaku culture. I think everyone who is an anime fan has made at least one AMV myself included but some are so well done that the could take the place of the original video. So I give you some of my favorite AMV's in no particular order. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and thank you to the people who made them!

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

Life is Beautiful-Sixx AM

Sharada-Skye Sweetnam

Best Of You-Foo Fighters

Enter Dog Of Pavlov-Soilwork

Emma-Alkaline Trio

Mother Lover-The Lonely Island

This Is Halloween-Marilyn Manson

Don't Move-Butch Walker

So here are a few of my favorites and I'm going to post one of my crappy one's I made now go easy on me I never claimed to be any good at doing them!
Passion-All That Remains

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