03 March, 2011

BLOG: What is sexy and what is just plain wrong.

What is sexy and what is just plain wrong.

I am a man! I wanted to get that out of the way first off because I am going to be talking about sex appeal in anime and my thoughts on it. So why do I want to broach such a topic? Mainly because I was watching an anime called “Queens Blade” the other night and something just kind of snapped inside of me and here I sit writing out an article about why I lost it.

My first problem with the over sexualization of women in anime is giant breast. Breasts that defy the laws of physics are just totally ridiculous. I understand that a lot of men like large breasted women but I am not one of those men. But it comes to a point where I can not suspend reality even though I know that I am watching an animated show. Some of these women would topple over from the size of them! The fact that the director seems to have a close up of them when a female character turns around or does some kind of action just drives me up the wall!

Alright next up on my rant is armor that does not cover any thing! This doesn’t just fall into the realm of anime but video games as well. One of the first people who popped into my mind is Ivy Valentine from the Soulcalibur series. Not only is she very top heavy but she has little to no armor on but fights in sword battles. I mean come on! Who in there right mind would go into battle with little to no armor on? No one that’s who!

But game designers and anime creators seem to think that we the consumer will buy their products if the keep their female character in skimpy and revealing clothing. WRONG! Give me better game play in my games and a better story and character depth in my anime! Substance over fluff in my book any day! Put some damn clothes on and give me an in depth experience! People use sex because of their lack of talent at writing or programming. There is a reason that the novels with the guy with his shirt half off and a women clutching his waist on the cover are not on the best seller list. Sex sells yes but sex is only a small part of the human experience. Give me dialog that stirs thought about a subject or a view point that maybe I had not considered before. 

PANTY SHOTS or pantsu! Ugh… This is something else that just bugs me. To me the sexist thing in the world is the not knowing. Every straight man always hopes to catch a glimpse of a woman’s under wear. Hoping for a small breeze to flutter her skirt just enough to catch a peek but in that lays the secret to why it makes it so sexy. But when you constantly give us the thing that you think we want it takes away from the point of sex appeal. In anime I find that am always drawn more to anime that comes close to fan service but never lets you see the “goods”. Of course this is all my point of view and not what everyone thinks but hell I’m entitled to my opinions! Now you can disagree with me all you want but unless the sexual nature does something to enhance the story line then it’s just goofy. 

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