01 May, 2011

BLOG: I need ideas for a contest…

So I have been thinking over a few ideas for an upcoming otakustew.net contest but nothing seems to be coming out as the clear favorite in my mind. Mainly the problem is I tried to have a contest before and it failed miserably and I’m not so sure that it will do so great this time around either. I do on the other hand have an idea for the grand prize! Otakustew.net will be giving away the winner’s choice of one of the following prizes. A $50 gift card to Best Buy or a $50 gift card to Borders Book Store or a $50 gift card to Barns & Noble’s Book Store. Now the problem is finalizing the contest and the rules that come along with it. So I’m here to ask my readers what a good contest would be. Please vote or give a write in answer in the comments. Once I have made the decision I will post it on the website and through my Twitter account and Facebook fan page. The poll will end on 5/15/2011 at 7:00pm EST. Thank you in advance for your input!

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