05 May, 2011

REVIEW: Beelzebub


Directed by: Noubuhiro Takamoto

Studio: Pierrot+

Episodes: On going

Genre: Action, Comedy


Oga Tatsumi is a freshman at Ishiyama High a school for delinquents. One day Oga finds a baby by a river but this is no ordinary baby it’s the son of the Great Demon King (Satan)! Now Oga must raise the son of the devil called Baby Beel as his own and help bring on the apocalypse. Oga is not very happy about being a High School student burdened with a baby let alone the son of the Devil himself. Now Oga is attempting to pass off Baby Beel to the other students at Ishiyama High.
 Baby Beel now in his care and with Hilda the attractive demon maid for the son of the Great Demon King staying at his house, Oga’s life will never be the same.


At first I was really enjoying this anime but recently it has become rather forgettable. With only fifteen episodes out this series is already plagued by filler and I hate filler. Don’t get me wrong it is pretty darn funny but this anime could be so much better. Most of all this just feels like it’s a recycled from other anime. Not a very original anime at all, guy beats people up, the people he beat up want revenge but get beat up again. There is always a stronger opponent that has yet to be seen, yadda yadda yadda. Beelzebub is a very typical Shonen story that others have done better. The comedy is the best part of this anime and cares it at times but it doesn’t save it from its other short comings. Otakustew.net gives Beelzebub a…

Three out of Five stars...

I like the series and will keep watching it but only as a time killer unless it gets back to the story line from the manga but there are better series out there that deserve your attention first. By all means this could be a good series but it just falls into the average range for me right now.

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