16 August, 2011

REVIEW: Chobits

Chobits Manga

Written By: Clamp

Published By: Dark Horse, Tokyo Pop (USA) Kodansha (JPN)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Volumes: 8


Hideki Motosuwa has recently moved to Tokyo to study at a college prep school in order to get into school. He’s not the brightest person but is good natured and hard working. Soon after moving to Tokyo Hideki comes across a female Persocom (A personal computer that has a human form) that someone has left out in the trash. With him being a broke student he seizes the opportunity and takes home the extremely cute Persocom. After bringing her home, Hideki not being very computer savvy struggles to find the “power” button on his newly discovered Persocom.  After looking everyone but the place between her legs, Hideki goes for it and finds the button so to speak. This brings her to life! After booting her up she only can say one word and that’s “Chi”. Since she can’t say any other words Hideki names her Chi. From here starts the story of Hideki and Chi and a complex romantic comedy!


First off I absolutely love this story! It’s funny, complex and very cute! The characters are well thought out and very believable. What can I say about Hideki; well he’s a typical teenage boy… When he talks about owning a Persocom his first thoughts are about surfing the internet for porn. Yep pretty much what ever boy his age first thinks about when they get a computer, well I know I did. (What’s that say about me? Hmm never mind that) It’s fun reading the development of Chi from only knowing her name to carrying on conversations with people and learning the ways of the world.

Now to the meat of this manga! There are some very complex things about love and the interaction between humans and their Persocom’s. It brings up some interesting points about what love is and how people view love between human and nonhuman beings. Can a human really love something that is manmade? Can society accept this kind of love? It’s these issues along with the budding romance between Hideki and Chi that make this manga so amazing! Plus it has a conclusion! No cliff hanger! By the end you’ll be wanting more but will feel satisfied by the way things end.

The art work is amazing! Clamp sure knows how to make things look cute and awesome! Another good thing about this manga is its only eight volumes long. This from one point is sad because I wanted to see more of the story but on the other hand it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. Since Tokyo Pop closed down it might be harder to get the original run but thank god Dark Horse picked up the rights to this brilliant manga and is now available in omnibus form! Now onto the rating! OtakuStew.net gives Chobits…
Five out of Five stars...
A brilliant story and amazing art work makes this manga a must read! If you’re a fan of romantic comedy pick this up right away!

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