04 August, 2011

CONVENTION REPORT: Fright Night Film Fest & Fandom Fest 2011

Fright Night Film Fest & Fandom Fest 2011

Location: Louisville, KY

Genre: Horror, Pop Culture


Buckeye Boogeyman, Dino Mission and yours truly Otaku Stew drove down to Louisville Kentucky a few days back to attend Fright Night Film Fest. A three day horror convention and along with it there was a pop culture fest going on called Fandom Fest.
We loaded up and rolled out to our hotel that the Boogeyman got for dirt cheap and we found out why it was so cheap when we checked in. The whole weekend it was a struggle to get air conditioning in our room! The first room they gave us had none what so ever and the second one we had it didn’t work that well either.

Air conditioning aside the hotel where the convention was taking place was not the best place I had ever stayed. But any who I’m here to talk about the convention itself.  When we got there on Friday after noon and getting the room situation figured out we hit the floor running. Boogeyman was there to get his hero John Carpenters autograph for his ever growing horror movie related collection and Dino Mission was there to get Henry Winkler’s (The Fonz) autograph and picture. So figuring that the lines was going to be outrageous for these two pop culture icon we prepared for the worst! Turns out that people in Kentucky on a Friday night have other things to do and they both got what they came for in the first hour we was in town.

Now that the main mission had been completed we could do anything we wanted! Dealer’s room here we come! The dealer’s room was kind of small compared to the one’s I’ve been to at anime conventions but there were some interesting things in there. Unlike anime conventions it seems that horror conventions welcome boot legers. I didn’t buy a single thing in the dealers room all weekend, not to say there wasn’t some stuff I wanted it was just a little pricey I thought.

After the dealer’s room closed we headed over to the hotel bar to have a drink grab some food and unwind from the day. Let me tell you if you’re a person who drinks whiskey drinks like me and vodka drinks like Dino Mission do not go to this hotel bar! Good lord the bartender was slow as molasses in January! In almost three hours at the bar I could only get three drinks!

Day two:

So this was a good day despite the lack of sleep and lack of hang over! Got to go to some panels see a few movies and other things. The night before the Fandom Fest banner peaked my interest because of the use of anime characters and the words “Anime” and “Manga” on it as well. Well they lied! There was only one thing anime related in the whole place and that was Mr. Eric Stuart the English dubbed voice of James and Brock from Pok√©mon. Being unprepared for anything anime related being there I had nothing for him to sign for me. Wound up on the third day having him sign a program which just felt bad since the program was pretty much crap and was full of errors.

Pros of the Con:
  • Chance to meet some people from your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Fellowship with like mind people.
  • Chance to see World Movie premieres.

Cons of the Con:
  • Paying for autographs.
  • The venue was hotter than hell all weekend.
  • Some people would like more than three drinks in three hours at the bar!

I will go again to this convention but not for the whole weekend. There’s no need to go for the entire three days from my point of view. 

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