22 August, 2011

CONVENTION REPORT: Matsuricon 2011

Matsuricon 2011

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Venue: The Hyatt Regency Hotel

So normally when I go to a convention there is months of planning and discussion involved leading up to the event. That wasn’t the case with Matsuricon. This was a spur of the moment, last minute decision to attend this event for what would be my first time ever. Now with a lead in like that I’m sure everyone is thinking that this review is going to be negative and everyone who thought that would be wrong!


Saturday morning rolls around and my friend, my brother and I are standing in the registration line for what seems to be two hours. It wasn’t two hours but more like a little under an hour now I’m going to take a look at this from two perspectives. One as a convention attendee and two as the people putting on the convention. The biggest problem with the registration line was not a lack of man power getting people registered it was the lack of pre-registered convention attendees. In the hour we stood in line I can honestly say that I did not see more than ten people enter the pre-registered line side. Now looking at this from the view of the people putting on the convention I would try and push for more pre-registered attendees for next year’s convention to help alleviate some of the congestions and the wait in line for the people like me who just up and decide to go to a convention because it was on a weekend you’re off of work.

Matsuricon is not a large convention, it falls into the small to mid-sized range of the anime convention world which is not a knock on it at all just a simple fact. Being small doesn’t mean it has to suck and Matsuricon does a good job at not sucking!

The programing is fun and entertaining! We spent some time in just about everything we could Saturday between trying to get autographs. The event that was really fun and well done was “Anime Family Feud” which is based off of the TV game show “Family Feud” but with all the questions being anime, manga, video game and otaku life style based. Another cool part about it was the use of two of the guest in attendance as the head of the families. So if you were lucky enough to be able to go up on stage and play you also got the chance to play along with the voices of popular anime series. I was not selected to be a part of this but I was highly entertained and caught myself playing along trying to guess all the answers!

One thing that was rather socking was the lack of anime DVD’s and manga in the dealers room. I’m not sure if the convention organizers ask what the dealers are bringing or if the dealers just apply and they hope for the best but you would think that at an anime convention you could be able to buy anime and manga. I combed the dealer’s room for a good hour making sure that I wasn’t overlooking something but I wasn’t. Only one dealer had DVD’s and they only had about twenty of them if that. Maybe a bit of screening next year of the dealer applications to make sure anime and manga are sold.

So here we are at the pros and cons of the convention.

Pros of Matsuricon:
  • Very family friendly
  • Unique programming that is fun for everyone
  • Great interaction with the industry guest
  • An anime convention during summer break
Cons of Matsuricon:
  • Autograph lines are long
  • Lack of anime DVD’s and manga in the dealer’s room
  • Slow registration
It may not be the best anime convention in Ohio but I cannot think of a better way to spend a lazy summer weekend in central Ohio. The convention has the potential to be great now let’s hope the organizers keep working hard at bring us fans a great weekend of anime fun!

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Anonymous said...

So you know less than an hour for reg is actually pretty damn good. Also the reason you never saw many people in pre reg is because most of them arrive on fridays.