16 August, 2011

REVIEW: Yen Press iOS Manga App

Yen Press iOS Manga App

Developer: Hachette Book Group, Inc.

Available: iTunes

Platform: iPhone and iPad

App Cost: Free

Manga Cost: Varies


I was extremely excited when I ran across the Yen Press iPhone app at work one day. So I downloaded it without delay and started browsing the manga they had available. Now I’m not the biggest fan of digital publishing since I love the idea of having a physical copy of any media in my hands. This is what happens when you’re an avid collector of all things Japanese pop culture. To me there’s nothing like looking at your bookshelf and seeing a full run of a favorite manga sitting there waiting for you to flip through the pages. Okay enough of my rampant love affair with pulp and paper products and back to the digital age.

This app is extremely easy to use and navigate. It’s is easy on the eyes to read even on the screen of the iPhone 4 but like everything looking at anything for long periods of time will cause some eye fatigue so make sure to take a few breaks to give your eyes a rest (Dr. Otaku Stew).The app allows you to zoom in and out using the touch screen so if you did have a problem with the aspect ratio you can change it very easily. Moving to the next pages is as simple as well. Just slide your finger across the screen and boom 
onto the next page fast as lightning.

Currently not all of Yen Press’s titles are available on this app but I would hope that changes in the near future. The app allows you to read in the vertical and horizontal position which is quite nice. Another thing that I like is that the app follows the Japanese way of right to left when reading the manga. I have taken some screen shots of the app on my phone to show how it looks and some of the functions it has (At the bottom of the page). My one problem is how much some of the volumes cost. $9.00 for a digital copy of a manga volume just seems kind of outrageous to me but I’m not a marketing person so what do I know… OtakuStew.net gives the Yen Press iOS app…
Four out of Five Stars...
I very much like the app and how it functions but what I don’t like is charging almost the same price for a digital copy as they do for the paper version.  That aside, if you’re looking for a solid manga app for your Apple device this is a great one to start with.

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