26 October, 2011

BLOG: My Top Five Horror Anime!

So with Halloween 2011 fast approaching I figured I would make a list of my top five favorite horror anime so here we go!

5.) Blood the Last Vampire

This movie is violent and bloody as all hell! Got to love a girl running around with a katana killing giant man eating monsters!
Blood the Last Vampire

4.) Highschool of the Dead

Zombies! Group of teenagers fight their way through a Japanese town during the zombie apocalypse. With a great story line and awesome action this series is a must for all fans of the zombie genre. Don’t mind the fan service!
Highschool of the Dead
3.) Shiki

Vampires that don’t sparkle but murder like the killing machines they are! This series is what a vampire series should be! The Small mountain town setting makes this series even creepier.
2.) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Small town murders and disappearances that make you never look at cute girls the sameway ever again. This series plays like most Japanese horror movies, has great build up to the scary stuff. Throw in the fact that most of the bad things happen to children makes this series twisted and highly enjoyable.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
1.) Elfen Lied

This is a heart breaking brutal series. There is something that makes young girls going crazy and murdering everyone creepy. Body parts and blood fly in this series and with the add sadness of the story, Elfen Lied takes the top spot on my list
Elfen Lied
So there's my list and I hope you horror fans give them a look! I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions so please if you have any leave a comment or send me an email at otakustew@otakustew.net! Thanks for looking and happy Halloween! 

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