31 October, 2011

NEWS: Anime in Hollywood


Our beloved Akira is again under attack by the jokers in Hollywood! Akira has been green lit for production… I don’t know about the rest of you but this kind of makes me sick. Hollywood rapes and murders the original story line from our favorite titles; if you need examples look no further than the debacles that were Speed Racer and Dragon Ball Evolution. God knows what changes that the butchers from the studios have in mind for this classic. I for one will not spend a dime to watch this movie just like what I did with Dragon Ball and Speed Racer. I will wait till it’s available on Netflix if Netflix is still around when it hits. I pray the Akira live action movie never sees the light of day!


The Kite live action movie is set to start production January 2012 in South Africa. Now I’m kind of on the fence about this one. Mainly because Kite is not a sci-fi anime and I think the story line can be told with the budget this film has. I just recently watched the anime for the first time and the story line feels like a Hollywood action movie so this one has a good chance of translating well into the live action side. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kite turns out to be a good film but again Hollywood has burnt us before so who knows what we will get.


Noir has been green lit for some time now from the Starz network and recently they had a change in the show runner. Sean Jablonski has now taking that title and from his past resume Noir looks to be in good hands. Ghost House Pictures is listed as the productions company, their work includes The Grudge, 30 Days of Night and Drag Me to Hell. Out of the three anime titles listed this is the one I have the most hope for. They have kept the character names and from the other information I have found, it seems that only minor changes have been made to the story line. Noir is one of my favorite anime series and with it set to be a television series instead of a feature film it has the most promise but we will have to wait till 2012 to find out if it turns out as good as I hope it does.

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