12 October, 2011

NEWS: TOKYOPOP returning to manga publishing?

So today my Twitter time line explode with news of TokyoPop jumping back in the manga game with a newsletter sent to some peoples email addresses. My first reaction to this news was absolute anger and rage. Also from my twitter feed I could tell I was not the only one feeling this way, if the dark side ever wanted to recruit member today would have been the day to swell the Sith numbers to an all-time high. Any who lets get to the heart of the matter and the reason for mine along with most peoples rage about this. TokyoPop has screwed us over before and what is keeping them from doing it this time? During the onslaught of anger from the email, TokyoPop decides to do a Q&A on Facebook and Twitter to help us lowly otaku understand the inner workings of one Mr. Stu Levy with his vision for the future of TokyoPop.

Well there was many questions asked by people smarter than I and basically nothing was really answered by the person running the accounts. Apparently they will be bringing us manga in a “nontraditional” way which they never went into any detail about nor did they reveal if they had new investors or if they would be continuing titles they previously had licenses for. They did not answer my one non rage filled question about making applications’ for iOS and Android devices, probably because my first question was almost five hundred characters long and not very pleasant. At one point someone suggested that the new Twitter account was someone trolling everyone which I was starting to wonder myself until the original Twitter and Facebook accounts kind of confirmed that the new one was legit. I’m still kind of skeptical but hey we all have been burnt by them before so why should we trust them?

How many of you have incomplete series from TokyoPop setting on your bookshelves right now? I know I do and with me being the OCD completionist that I am, it eats at me every day like a crazed honey badger after honey bee larva. Tokyo Pop is going to have to make huge strides in order to gain this otaku trust ever again and that will be no small mountain to climb! This whole deal just bugs the hell out of me. It feels like when you’re in a relationship with someone and they leave you hanging, heartbroken with no real answer as to why they left you then one day they come strolling back into your life expecting you to pick up where the two of you left off and hoping you’re fine with it.

All I know is I’m rather pissed about this and hoping if TokyoPop does somehow get back in the manga publishing business, this time they don’t screw it up! Because if I start another series they publish and they close up shop again and I cannot finish it, God save them because everyone will be able to tell where I’ve been from the path of destruction I will leave behind!

Here are the links to both the Newsletter and a personal message from the antichrist (Stu Levy).
The Newsletter

Stu Levy’s personal message


AzureKitsune said...

Yep, I'm another one who has a longer list of incomplete series from Tokyopop. I chalk it up to me not being careful enough as a manga consumer, and thinking that they'd complete their series.

The titles that are incomplete from TP on my end are: Loveless, DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Legal Drug, Rayearth (I only have MKR2, which was a box set), and I think that's it. Of their BLU titles, it's Junjou Romantica, but I'd fallen out of love with that series. Oh, and their CLAMP no Kiseki, which went out of print.

Luckily enough I was able to finish off three titles that they translated: RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, and Earthian. The first two were by CLAMP, and the third by Yun Kouga. It's a shame that they couldn't continue on with Legal Drug and Loveless, especially since they were so popular, but I know it's the creators' fault for Legal Drug at least--they do a lot of titles at once. =_= With Loveless, well.. I've NO idea where it's headed now, so I dropped it as well.

Crappy dealings like what TP have done here is the main reason why I import my manga. They won't see a cent from me ever again.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Ryu is not happy with TP either.

I doubt they will ever build the trust from fans, at least from the serious ones, they messed up big time and I feel they had other options but opted to say "screw it" then "oops". Let them rot. I don't think I'll get anything from them, though I have no idea what happened with the DN Angel license and stuff. Gah! Frustrating >.<

Thanks for the review hun ;)