13 November, 2011

CONVENTION REPORT: Horror Hound Weekend Cincinnati 2011

Horror Hound Weekend Cincinnati 2011

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Venue: Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North


I’m just going to do a brief report from an anime fan stand point of the convention for a full review from a horror movie freak go to my friend and fellow convention attendee, the Buckeye Boogeyman.

I love going to this event every year but what I don’t love is how crowded it gets. They need to change locations for this event or just go across the street to the convention center. There is really nothing here for a fan of horror anime or animation in general but if you want the chance to meet some of the actors in your favorite horror movies or TV shows then by all means you should check it out. I still think it is kind of cool to be walking around the dealers’ rooms and there sitting behind a table is someone you have paid money to watch perform their craft on the screen but it’s going to cost you twenty dollars a pop to get an autograph or a picture with them.

I recommend Horror Hound Weekend for anyone who loves Horror movies and likes to Cosplay as a zombie. I had a good time again this year at Horror Hound Weekend Cincinnati and would like to give a big thanks to HorrorMovieFreak for getting me two weekend passes to the event and for signing their awesome book which is available at their site and Amazon. I only had my iPhone with me but I did manage to take a few pictures of some people in Cosplay so here they are.






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