22 November, 2011

REVIEW: Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors

Directed by: Toshio Imagawa

Studio: Madhouse

Genre: Horror

Episodes: 4


Count D is the mysterious caretaker of a pet shop in Los Angeles' Chinatown. Each of D's rare pets, which all have strangely humanoid appearances, comes with a contract with three major points. These points differ for each animal sold (although each animal's contract includes not showing it to anyone), and breaking this contract usually results in dire (and sometimes disturbing) consequences for the buyer, for which the pet shop claims no liability.


I picked up the Pet Shop of Horrors DVD at a recent convention because of an anime event that was held by another convention that was talking about horror anime. I know strange way to lead from one thing to another but I’m glad I attended both events and found out about this great OVA. Ok enough with the back story and sequence of events that lead me to this and on to the review.

Pet Shop of Horrors is a solid horror series that doesn’t go for the jump scares but makes the viewer think and deals with human emotion more than violence or gore. Each of the episodes shows different circumstances that lead people into Count D’s exotic pet shop. Whether it is from a lost love, the pursuit of power or from a painful loss in the family, each story brings with it a different view of the human psyche and how people deal with the guide lines set for ownership of their “pet”.

The character design is very well done and is rather striking at times. The animation is strong and aside from the old school CGI at the beginning of each episode it has held up well for its age. There is not a lot of gore or violence shown but is mostly implied with the aftermath of what has transpired. If I have one knock against Pet Shop of Horrors, it is the English voice over. It was released way back in 1999 and we all know that the voice over work at that time was nowhere near the level it is today. The story is what drives this anime and the story lines are extremely good. I want to go on and on about the stories but I don’t want to ruin the experience of watching it spoiler free. I highly enjoyed Pet Shop of Horrors and give it…
Four out of Five stars...
This is a great OVA and I’m so glad I picked it up to add to my collection.

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