30 November, 2011



Directed by: Munenori Nawa

Studio: AIC

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 12


R-15 is about a boy, Taketo Akutagawa, who attends a school for geniuses: Inspiration Academy Private High School. Taketo is a genius novelist and writes erotica. Despite negative perceptions many people have of him, he aims to be at the top of his class and be recognized as the world's greatest writer.


At first I thought R-15 was going to be something unique and new but those hopes were quickly dashed. R-15 is a harem anime with a recycled, repackaged bland story line that brings nothing new to the table. The animation is well done but all the fan service is blocked out by icons and other goofy things. I’m not the biggest fan of fan service but I would rather see panty shots over the annoying graphics that was hiding them.

I watched all twelve episodes because I’m a completionist and once I start a series I need to finish it. I wish that I could go back and not have wasted my time with this anime. It's average at best and unless you’re a fan of harem anime I cannot recommend this series. There are so many better anime out there to watch and with that OtakuStew.net gives R-15…
Two out of Five stars...

Sources: R-15 Wiki

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