02 November, 2011

REVIEW: Viz Media iOS Manga App

Viz Media iOS Manga App

Available: iTunes

Platform: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

App Cost: Free

Manga Cost: Varies


I recently downloaded the Viz Manga app for my iPhone and was pleasantly surprised by it. I’ve stated before that I prefer my manga in the pulp paper form but this app has made me second guess that thinking. Companies who are looking into creating a mobile manga app should look at this one to see how it’s done. The interface is very easy to use and looks great. You have to set up an account in order to download the manga but this only takes about two minutes total and you’re on your way to manga reading bliss. They have a nice selection of manga to choose from and the prices are good. There seems to be a free preview for just about every title they have in their store which is great for people who are looking to read something new but are not sure if they will like it.

Prices range from around $8.99usd for a download that has 428 pages to individual chapters for $0.99. This is how digital manga should be priced. You should never have to pay the same price for a digital copy of a manga as you would for a physical copy and Viz seems to understand this. The only problem I have with the app is that for the iPhone there is no option to change from portrait to landscape when reading. I looked all over the app for this option and tried holding my phone in every position to change the view but nothing worked. Maybe I missed it or don’t know what I’m doing so don’t let that stop you from trying this great app. All the images are crystal clear and when you zoom in to read the smaller print there is no distortion. This has been the best mobile manga app I have used so far and I hope that future apps from other publishers are this well done. OtakuStew.net gives the Viz Media iOS Manga app…
Five out of Five stars...
Works great, prices are good and it looks amazing. This is a must download for any manga fan!

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