13 November, 2011


SugoiCon 2011

Location: Fort Mitchel, KY

Venue: The Drawbridge Inn


This was my first time attending SugoiCon and I had a good time. The dealers’ room was large with decent deals and a nice selection of items. There were some issues with events starting on time but I chalk that up to first day glitches. The guest that SugoiCon brings in is a nice mix from the English and Japanese anime industries. It was really awesome to walk beside Shinichi Watanabe (Nabeshin) in the hallways. I had hoped to get a press pass to do some interviews with the guest but due to some technical issue it didn’t turn out as planned but I’m hoping that next year I will be able to do interviews without running into these problems.

The registration line was long but well organized and even thought it took about an hour to get my badge it wasn’t to unpleasant. I found out that their computer system had went down and they were doing everything by hand so the hour or so in line was probably a lot shorter than it could have been if the staff was not organized as well as they were. At twenty five dollars for a one day pass it is not really that expensive to go for a day and have a good time. The Drawbridge Inn is not the ideal venue for how many people that was there on Friday, I would have hated to see how packed it was on Saturday. With the amount of people in the halls I was rather reluctant to try and get some picture of the Cosplay for fear of causing a bottle neck.  SugoiCon was the first time I had ever attended a convention by myself and I will never do that again. Part of the fun of conventions is going with a friend and with me having a lack of social skills I maybe spoke a total of a dozen words the entire day.

Overall I had a good time even thought I was flying solo and having some social anxiety issues. I can say with 100% certainty I will be attending SugoiCon in 2012 and will be looking forward to it very much. So if you’re in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area next year while this event is going on you should do yourself a favor and stop on by!

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Anonymous said...

My friends and I go to that con often. :) It is a better experience to be with people at cons, next sugoi is going to be in the Cincinnati convention center, if you're going you are welcome to come chat and hang with me and my friends. :)
We goof off a lot outside of cons as well, http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=umPQHavCLg4 , that's an example of some of the things we do. If you wana talk or goof around contact me at tsukikarosaki@gmail.com