03 January, 2012

BLOG: Ohayocon 2012 January 27th-30th Columbus, Ohio

So it’s that time of year again where the wind is cold and snow falls from the heavens to bring forth carnage in white powdery form. It is also the time for Ohio’s largest anime convention, Ohayocon! The annual event held in Columbus, Ohio that brings people from across the country to enjoy the cure for the winter time blues. I will be at the convention the entire weekend doing coverage for the site and taking pictures of the cosplayers so all you who don’t have the chance to go can see the time and effort that they put into this event and their outfits. So look forward to future post from Ohayocon 2012 from your friend OtakuStew! Below is a video of some of the great cosplay from Ohayocon 2011 and here is the links to my pictures from 2011 enjoy!
Friday Cosplay Ohayocon 2011 & Saturday Cosplay Ohayocon 2011

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