25 January, 2012

REVIEW: Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade

Directed by: Hisashi Saitou

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A.

Genre: Comedy, Sports, Slice of Life

Episodes: 26


The series tells the story of Toraji Ishida, a luckless high school Kendo instructor, who is challenged by his former upperclassman, also a kendo instructor, to a competition between their female students. The bet inspires Toraji to gather and train a team of five girls. Fortuitously, at this time he meets Tamaki Kawazoe, a gifted young female kendo practitioner.


Bamboo Blade is a nice change of pace anime that mixes some elements of different genres to make a very entertaining show. It’s not your typical sports anime where they spend ridiculous time explaining how the sport works or boring you to death with the smallest of details and it’s not so slice of life that they never really do anything but talk about doing things. The story is really sweet, funny, and heartwarming and actually has a nice conclusion that doesn’t leave you asking a million questions. The animation is well done and the fighting flows nicely. They don’t use ridiculous “power ups” or any “special powers” which is great because honestly I get a little tired of that cliché. All and all Bamboo Blade is a great show and has a little bit of something for everyone and OtakuStew.net gives it…
Four out of Five Stars...
I really liked this show and recommend it to everyone! 

Source: Bamboo Blade Wiki

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