07 February, 2012


Ohayocon 2012 Logo
Ohayocon 2012

Location: Hyatt Regency Columbus & the Greater Columbus Convection Center. Columbus, Ohio USA


Another Ohayocon is in the books and it has taken me about a week to recover from all the excitement and con sickness. This was my third Ohayocon and my first year as a member of the press and each year this convention has grown not only in size but attendance as well.
I’m not sure of the numbers but let’s just say it was rather hard to move around late Friday and all of Saturday.
For those of you who don’t know Ohayocon is one of the largest anime conventions in the mid-West and probably in the United States.
              Dealers' Room down stairs & Artist Alley upstairs

       Where the AMV Contest & Cosplay Masquerade is held

Ohayocon is always a great time for a convention attendee. The dealers' room is large and packed with all the goodies an otaku could want. The Cosplay masquerade is always a huge draw and you have to wait in line for hours to even get in to watch it. The AMV contest is my personal favorite event and the list goes on with the great programing that the staff puts on. The panels are always a great thing for any anime convention and Ohayocon has some good ones!

But the panels are something of a sore spot not the panels them self but how they are handled is the issue. There is still no panel descriptions in the program or easily accessible to the average convention attendee. They put the descriptions up by the rooms just before the panel starts but this doesn’t work out that well if you’re trying to plan ahead for which panel you want to attend. They had no buffer zone for between panels which makes no sense and it cut into other panelist time while the room was cleared and the panelist had to rush to set up so they could start as soon as they could. I feel bad for the panelist and hope that the convention staff figures these issues out for next year.

  • Large dealers’ room
  • Great events like the Cosplay Masquerade and Concerts
  • Always something going on, Panels, Video Rooms, Rave

  • Ohayocon has almost out grown its event location
  • Lack of Panel descriptions and no buffer zone for panelist

Ohayocon is a fun convention that I look forward to every year and I can’t wait until next year’s event! Go check out their website and join the forums to find out all the information for this year’s event and for all the upcoming news for next year’s Ohayocon!

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