23 April, 2012

REVIEW: Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Directed by: Takayuki Inagaki

Studio: Gonzo

Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Harem

Episodes: 13


Tsukune Aono is a normal high school teenager, who is unable to get into any private school due to his poor grades. However, with the help from his parents, he gets enrolled to a private school called Yokai Academy. When he arrives at the school, he soon discovers that Yokai Academy is a secret private school for supernatural monsters and mythological creatures disguised as humans, and any human who finds out about its existence, they will eventually be killed without mercy.


Well here again I get suckered into another harem anime… One of these days I will do some research before buying things because of the pretty girls on the cover of the DVD box. Anyways, Rosario +Vampire is a decent show. (Even if it’s a harem) The story gets a little repetitive but not to the point where you want to claw your eyes out. The animation looks pretty but the transformation scenes are the same every time. The character design is kind of average yet works. Honestly it’s just about average all the way around though for some reason I highly enjoyed it. It may not be original or ground breaking but Rosario + Vampire is a fun show and OtakuStew.net gives it…

Three out of Five stars...
If you’re bored and want something fun to watch give Rosario + Vampire a shot but don’t put your other shows on hold to watch it.

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