22 May, 2012

BLOG: I lost 100 pounds, has anyone seen it?

If any of you follow my ramblings on twitter you might have seen that recently I made a tweet about losing 100 pounds.  I’m rather proud of this but at the same time I am deeply ashamed that I let myself get to the point where I needed to lose that amount of weight. So let me give some stats for you fine people out there in the inter webs. In January of 2010 I went to Ohayocon which is an anime convention in Columbus, Ohio that I attend and it’s there where I got to meet the voice of Asuka from NGE the lovely and beautiful Tiffany Grant. At the time I was so happy to meet the voice of one of my favorite female anime characters and my friend took a picture of her and me. Happy might be an understatement honestly. My friend made me a copy of the photo and printed it out for me and that’s when my happiness turned to a crushing depression.

Tiffany Grant (Left) and Me at 335lbs.
I knew I was overweight but I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I looked at myself in the picture next Tiffany. I weighed myself and another crushing blow came down on me, I was 335 pounds! I had never weighed over 250 pounds that I could remember and during high school when I was playing football I was a stout  235 pounds and even got down to 215 pounds at one point. But that was over a decade ago when I was a younger man now here I was 30 years old and 335 pounds what was I going to do? I had many health issues that was being caused by my weight and my doctor told me I wasn’t going to make it out of my 30’s but none of those things hit me as hard as that picture. Also around this time my friend asked me to be in his wedding, there was no way I was going to stand there and be in wedding photos weighing what I did so I set out on a mission to get back in shape.

So I got my ass in gear and started out on my mission! My friend’s wedding was going to be in October so I had about nine months to make some kind of progress and I did a pretty good job. The week of the wedding I weighed in at 270 pounds, I was down 65 pounds! What a great start to take back control of my life! I kept plugging away until March of 2011 when I ran into some personal issues that shelved my plan and then my gym closed down and it seemed like I was going backwards in life again. I was down to 250 pounds and I had this shit storm around me and was losing my way. After a six month personal hell I pulled myself out of the fire and started back down the road to weight loss. I weighed myself and I had gained 15 pounds back over the that time but instead of getting down about it I got mad and knocked off that 15 pounds fast and was right back on track!
Spring 2012 after losing 95lbs.

2012 rolled in and I was still doing well. A new gym opened up in my area and I joined right away and weight training started again! By spring time 2012 I weighed myself, 240 pounds! I was down 95 pounds from my starting weight and I could hardly believe it. So I took a couple pictures of my progress and even though it’s not where I want to be I couldn’t be happier with myself. So last week I stepped onto the scale and realized that I had lost over 100 pounds, 103 pounds to be exact. So now I weigh 232 pounds and I’m working towards my goal of 205 pounds by the end of the year and with a final goal weight being around 185 pounds.

The whole reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve had a bunch of people close to me tell me how I’ve inspired them to start losing weight. So I’m hoping with that information that maybe I can inspire a few more people to take back their life! The hardest part of losing weight is getting up and doing the work it takes to see results. You have to want to lose the weight; no one can do it for you! Is it hard? Sure it’s hard but nothing in life worth doing is easy. I hope my story can help some of you to find the motivation to change the things in your life that are bothering you. You and only you can make the changes in your life to make it better! Thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Stew. You have no idea how much you influence my own eating habits...specially when I wanna devour a bag of powdered donuts (Hostess is the devil's brand O_O). I will keep cheering for you and wishing you success on everything you set out to do.

monsoonlotus said...

I have to agree with sexyryu28. So so so proud of you. You're a big inspiration and you should feel super proud about what you managed in the past month. Your will and motivation.. I wished I had so much strength! You're wonderful and strong, never forget that, okay? Lots of love to you :)

PaoPao said...

That's so awesome! I love your #FitnessOtaku hashtag on twitter, keep fighting! :D