23 May, 2012

REVIEW: Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer
Angelic Layer

Written by: Clamp

Published by: Tokyo Pop, Dark Horse (Omni Bus)

Volumes: 5


Angelic Layer is sweeping the nation! In the newest electronic sport, players enter their Angels in tournaments and battle for fortune and glory.Twelve-year-old Misaki just discovered Angelic Layer, and she’s already captivated by the game. But building a winning Angel takes money and experience, and Misaki’s short on both counts. With the help of a crazy scientist and a very special Angel of her own, she’ll give it her all to win the Angelic Layer crown.


Ah Angelic Layer how I forgot how much fun you was to read! I was milling around the house yesterday wanting to read a story but not a long one and I thought to myself “Hey, you should go read Angelic Layer for Manga Monday!” boom there it was. The greatest idea I had all of Monday, yeah I know if that was the best I could do I probably have issues but whatever I just got home from spending two hours at the gym. Alright to the review part of the review! With Angelic Layer being only five volumes it is a short story but it has a certain charm to it that makes it feel longer than five volumes. The artwork is top notch and unlike some of Clamp’s other manga looks more “normal” than say xxxHolic.

There isn’t a whole lot of back story to drive it but it makes up for that with fun characters and a decent plot. The story is just so much fun to read and following Misaki on her journey to try to be a Champion at Angelic Layer is sweet and heartwarming. I love the designs of the character and the Angels! Angelic Layer is a rare thing where it tells a fun story and wraps everything up very nicely in a short span of time. I highly recommend this series if you are looking for something light hearted and very fun with good action. OtakuStew.net gives Angelic Layer…
Four out of Five stars...

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