28 August, 2012

CONVENTION REPORT: Matsuricon 2012

Matsuricon 2012

Location: Hyatt Regency Columbus & the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Columbus, Ohio USA


This was my second year attending Matsuricon and it was a really good time! I have to say the staff did a wonderful job running things this year. I didn't preregister again this year but unlike last year the lines flowed smoothly and fast which was nice and the staff working registration was beyond pleasant. Matsuricon is a great convention if you are looking for a smaller anime convention to attend with family and friends. You never feel rushed or crowded unlike Ohayocon which is a juggernaut of  an anime convention.

The dealers’ room was much improved over last year and had a good selection of things for everyone. Last year I was greatly disappointed in the lack of DVD’s and manga but that wasn’t the case this year and I left with a few much needed DVD’s for my over flowing collection. It’s nowhere near as big as Ohayocons dealers’ room but it has some good deals and a decent selection. The Hyatt is the perfect place for Matsuricon but honestly I love the Hyatt’s convention center it is just a great place to be. Now I only had a few minor issues which are more a reflection of me and not Matsuricon but I figure I should address them anyways.

There was only one video room that I could find. Maybe I missed the others but I’m about 99% sure there was only one and the day I was in attendance there was no one in the room. Video rooms to me are one of the best parts of an anime convention. There is nothing like walking into a room full of fellow anime fans who want to get off their feet for a few minutes and enjoy the medium that has brought all of us together. Again not really a bad thing just something I that I enjoy that felt neglected to me. The other thing was the panels. I didn’t go to a single one because I didn’t see any that grabbed my interest. Which is all on me and I know that but I did find it weird that nothing really caught my eye maybe I’m turning into a grouchy old man.

  • Dealers’ room was much improved over last year.
  • Friendly staff and great atmosphere. 
  • A great convention for the whole family. 
  • None 
Overall Matsuricon is just a fantastic little convention and a gem for people who don’t want to feel like they are sardines in a can. I will keep attending this convention every year they put it on just because I like it so much. If you’re ever in Columbus in late August and you’re a anime/manga fan do yourself a favor and stop by Matsuricon!

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