14 September, 2012

BLOG: Been way too lazy...

Seems like every couple months I make the statement "I'm recommitting myself to writing more and keeping my site up to date" and I end up not doing either of those things. The truth of the matter is that I'm just being lazy and really haven't wanted to post anything for awhile. Unlike every other time I do the "recommittal" speech I won't be trying to force my hand. I been rebelling against myself and instead of enjoying the writing and reviewing process I had come to hate it because it was feeling like a job. I never intended my site to be job like or "professional" but more of a act of love as a fan. Too many times I've sabotaged myself because it felt like work. Those days are over! I feel a passion again and I'm not letting it slip away. I'm not making any goals or stipulations this time around. If I write one review a week awesome if I write two reviews in a month still awesome because at least I will be doing it with love an not out of a obligation. So please look forward to something but who knows when!

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