25 September, 2012

CONVENTION REPORT: Cincinnati Comic Expo 2012

Cincinnati Comic Expo
Cincinnati Comic Expo 2012

Location: the Duke Energy Convention Center. Cincinnati, Ohio USA


This was my first year attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo and what a joy it was to be there! If you are a comic book collector this is a great show to attend. I was buying books left and right because of the great deals I was finding. The event was well ran and organized from what I could tell on Saturday. They had a nice mixture of artist, vendors and guest which made all the difference to me. Some conventions spend more time on bringing in entertainment guest who charge $35-$75 an autograph but not CCE, they seem to understand that what “comic book” fans want is comic books and the people who make comic books. The price of admission was only $15 for Saturday and I say “only” because I’ve paid $45 to attend only one day of a convention before so $15 is a steal!

I can’t wait for Cincinnati Comic Expo 2013, my brother and I had such a great time this year and we both are looking forward to next year’s event which will only be the fourth year since they started this gem of a convention. I honestly am having a hard time thinking of anything bad about the convention. The Cosplay competition was fun to watch, there was plenty of space to move around and there was more comic books than you could shake a stick at.

  • Cash Prizes for Cosplay
  • Plenty of Vendors
  • Great Location
  • Tons of Comic Books
  • Cheap Admission
  • Little to no Manga
Cincinnati Comic Expo is a great convention for comic book fans but for someone who is a manga collector there isn’t much for you but it is still a fun time to be surrounded by hundreds of fellow geeks and take in the amazing art work and great Cosplay. If you’re around the Cincinnati area next year when the Cincinnati Comic Expo is going on I suggest you swing by for a really good time!

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