20 October, 2012

BLOG: It’s our struggles that define us…

I really do believe that my struggles with weight loss and self-growth have defined the person I am today. Every day I fight myself to stay the course and keep chipping away at what at one time seemed like an impossible task, now here I am today 120 pounds lighter and probably the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.  Yet every day I struggle with self-doubt and self-hatred because I am not where I want to be. After two years of weight loss and forty nine weeks in a row at my local gym I still struggle accepting myself for who I am. I refuse to give into that little voice I hear every day telling me to give up and eat two large pizzas. Every day I look in the mirror and try to see who I am now and not the body of the person I was two years ago.

There was times I could have given up or given in but I’ve kept on fighting. I stand here today not as someone who has reached their goals and can finally relax but as someone who struggles ever day with who he is on the inside and out. Someone who is determined to make himself a better person not just physically but mentally as well. One day I will reach my goal and on that day I will not relax because a fighter never forgets the fight but instead I will find a new challenge to overcome because my struggles have shown me that I can do anything I want long as I am willing to fight for it. My struggles have defined me as a man who will never be the person I once was and showed me that I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Find your inner strength; face your problems and struggles head on! Become the person you want to be but never forget how you get there that way you will never get lost and go back to your old self. 

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