22 January, 2013


Ohayocon 2013

Location: Hyatt Regency Columbus & the Greater ColumbusConvection Center. Columbus, Ohio USA

Ohayocon 2013 has come and gone and it was the best one yet!I’ve been going to Ohayocon regularly now since 2010 and I’ve seen how much ithas grown and turned into a top notch convention. Each year the attendance growsand as well as the level of awesomeness. This year I made extra effort to checkout everything there was going on and didn’t leave the convention until wellinto the next day and was back bright and early running around with my backpackand camera. I was able to attend the roast of Tiffany Grant (Voice of Asukafrom the Evangelion franchise) and I cannot begin to describe how funny and entertainingthis event was! If you have the chance you should see this one of a kind event.

Ohayocon 2013
Dealers Room and Artist Alley
The biggest and best thing that the Ohayocon staff did thisyear was take advantage of the “Guidebook” app. This app is amazing forconventions! It had panel descriptions; you could set alerts for events andprogram out a schedule so you would never miss an event! It was great havingthis on my phone and it kept me from having to fumble around with the paperprogram guide whenever I need to look up something. The panels ran a littlesmoother this year and were very well done. The lines got out of hand a fewtimes but were controlled nicely by the staff. The Ohayocon Staff is a greatgroup of people from my stand point and love putting on this great convention.Each staff member I had contact with was friendly and informative and thatmeans a ton!

Ohayocon 2013
AMV Contest
The dealers room was as large as ever and was nice to seeFUNimation there again this year not only selling merchandise but also doing an industry paneland putting on shows in the video rooms. There were more artists in artistalley this year and they brought some amazing artwork. The cosplayers weregreat as always and very accommodating to people taking their pictures. On thefirst day my friend lost a poster he was going to get signed by one of thevoice actors and to his amazement it was turned over to Lost and Found with noteven a bend in it. I was so proud of my fandom at that moment and grateful thatthere are decent honest people in the world. So with that little story I’llwrap this up!

  • Large Dealers Room
  • Great Events and Programing
  • The Addition of the “Guidebook” app
  • Great Guest

  • None

Each year Ohayocon gets better and better. It is my favoriteconvention I go to each year and it never disappoints me. It is one of the tenlargest anime conventions in North America and is well worth checking out ifyou are ever around Ohio in January! 

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